# Community Edition 2023.1

Cytomine Community Edition 2023.1 is the current open-souce version of Cytomine platform.

In this section you will find information to install, upgrade, backup and uninstall a Cytomine Community Edition 2023.1


  1. This version opens a new way to manage data within Cytomine. It is recommanded for new projects starting from scratch, but not to upgrade projects already using any Cytomine Community Edition Legacy (version 2 or 3). Please contact us if you have such needs (opens new window).
  2. Community Edition 2023.1 do not include any AI engine for the moment. This will be added in next release. So if you need to run AI within your Cytomine, please consider to install the last release of Cytomine Community Edition Legacy.
Last Updated: 5/15/2023, 5:22:26 PM