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Package summary

A same sample can produce more than one image (2D). Cytomine support multiple dimensions:

  • channel
  • zStack
  • slice
  • time

Package main classes


see Package Image - Storage before.

DomainDescriptionMain properties

The position for an image (channel, zStack, slice, time) in a group of image from the main sample.

int c,z,s,t
ImageInstance image
ImageGroup group 
ImageGroupA group of images from the same sample.String name

Package description

If you have multiple images from the same sample (can be view as a big multidim image), you need to:

  1. Create a new ImageGroup in the project (e.g.:"Lung of Mickey"),
  2. Import each images in Cytomine, add these images to the project (create ImageInstance from AbstractImage),
  3. For each image, create an ImageSequence with the image position and the image group.



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