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The main domains used during upload are:
AbstractImage: An image on Cytomine. An image could be add to many projects,
Project: A workspace where you can view and use images,
ImageInstance: An AbstractImage in a project (link between Project and AbstractImage),
Storage: Virtual directory where you can store a file,
UploadedFile: A file being uploaded. Later, it will give rise to an AbstractImage,
Property: key-value that you can add to a Cytomine domain (AbstractImage, ImageInstance, Project,...)


1 uploaded file = 1 UploadedFile object except in these situations :

  • 1 Archive file. We decompress and reupload the content. The original file is tagged as the parent of the last UploadedFile
  • 1 file which need an heavy conversion. We reupload the result of conversion. . The convertable file is tagged as the parent of the converted UploadedFile.

After these process, an AbstractImage is created from the "last" UploadedFile. As conversion have been done, this AbstractImage reference a supported format. 


Complete Upload Architecture