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  • The Cytomine core server (Part 2) is a MVC web application written in Groovy/Java with the Grails framework. It provides a Rest API to manage all the data except for some specific image manipulation.
  • Most of the data are store in SQL or NoSQL engine (Part 3). We store images on file system.
  • The core view is a webapp (Part 4) build in Javascript with Backbone.js and some module in AngularJS.
  • There are some specific client in Java (Part 5) and Python (Part 6). They provides a easy way to get/update a domain instance inside a external application/script (abstract HTTP call, JSON message, HTTP status code,...).
  • Image operations (image upload and get thumb, crop, tiles,...) are done thanks to the IMS server (Part 7). Like Cytomine server, its a MVC web application written with same languages/framework. 
  • Image servers (Part 8) are light c++ application that read image on disk and extract some information.
  • The retrieval server (Part 9) is an external application providing Content-based image retrieval.


In addition to our main source code, we integrated many other open-source libraries, as illustrated by the figure below:

 Image Added

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