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I have pink tiles in the image browser

The core container didn't start. It's often a consequence of a previous problem (postgis or postgis_data not launched).

Do you have distinct URL for Core, IMS & Upload ?

We will route the requests by checking the URL. If all the services have the same URL, we cannot redirect the HTTP requests. 

Example :

All of theses URL must be pointing on the IP of the host machine.

Does your browser have access to your IMS ?

We will be able to check it by browsing the IMS_URLS into your browser. If you have a "Grails page", go to the next point.
If you don't have the Grails page, run the reporting script and send us an email with the generated archive.

Does your IMS have access to your IIP ?

If the commands

  1. sudo docker exec -i -t ims /bin/bash
  2. apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y curl
  3. curl $IIP_OFF_URL/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi

(where $IIP_OFF_URL must by remplaced by the value of this variable in your configuration file) returns "Could not resolve host" and the file /etc/hosts doesn't contains your IIP_URLs,

Set the IS_LOCAL variable to true and run

Error : no such container: core