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Code Block
execute_command = "python algo/my_algorithm/ --cytomine_host $host --cytomine_public_key $publicKey --cytomine_private_key $privateKey " + "--cytomine_base_path /api/ " + "--cytomine_working_path /software_router/algo/detect_sample/ " + "--cytomine_id_software $cytomine_id_software " + "--cytomine_id_project $cytomine_id_project " + "--cytomine_id_image $cytomine_id_image " + "--cytomine_predict_term $cytomine_predict_term " + "--cytomine_max_image_size $cytomine_max_image_size " + "--cytomine_erode_iterations $cytomine_erode_iterations " + "--cytomine_dilate_iterations $cytomine_dilate_iterations " + "--cytomine_athreshold_blocksize $cytomine_athreshold_blocksize " + "--cytomine_athreshold_constant $cytomine_athreshold_constant " + "--verbose true "


In this command, the following arguments are mandatory (in addition to your own software parameters):
                            "--cytomine_host $host "
                            "--cytomine_public_key $publicKey "
                            "--cytomine_private_key $privateKey "
                            "--cytomine_base_path /api/ "
                            "--cytomine_id_software $cytomine_id_software "
                            "--cytomine_id_project $cytomine_id_project "


For logging you also have to add after the add_software call these two lines: 
Code Block
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_software",, "Number",0, True, 400, True)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_project",, "Number", 0, True, 500, True)


If some of your software parameters are related to some Cytomine "objects", you can specify a service to display user-friendly information, e.g. the following command will then allow to have a drop-down list to select on which image to apply your algorithm, and you will see in the Cytomine-WebUI drop-down list images and thumbnails (rather than imageids) in the "Run Job" execution dialog box (see screenshot below):
Code Block
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_image",, "Domain", "", True, "", False, "/api/project/$currentProject$/imageinstance.json", "instanceFilename", "instanceFilename")



Here is a full example that will add the "my_algorithm" algorithm (it requires the file to be in the docker container as explained above. In this example the is based on the same code than and it can be tested on the DEMO-SEGMENTATION-TISSUE toy data project). You have to adapt variables to your cytomine_host, keys, location of your script file in the docker container, location of your cytomine_working_path in the docker container:


Code Block
import cytomine
import sys
#Connect to cytomine, edit connection values
cytomine_host=""  # Cytomine core URL
cytomine_public_key=""  # Your public key
cytomine_private_key=" # Your private key
id_project=XXX  #Integer value corresponding to Cytomine project identifier where to add the software

#Connection to Cytomine Core
conn = cytomine.Cytomine(cytomine_host, cytomine_public_key, cytomine_private_key, base_path = '/api/', working_path = '/tmp/', verbose= True)

execute_command = "python algo/my_algorithm/ --cytomine_host $host --cytomine_public_key $publicKey --cytomine_private_key $privateKey " + "--cytomine_base_path /api/ " + "--cytomine_working_path /software_router/algo/my_algorithm/ " + "--cytomine_id_software $cyto
mine_id_software " + "--cytomine_id_project $cytomine_id_project " + "--cytomine_id_image $cytomine_id_image " + "--cytomine_predict_term $cytomine_predict_term " + "--cytomine_max_image_size $cytomine_max_image_size " + "--cytomine_erode_iterations $cytomine_erode_iterations " + "--
cytomine_dilate_iterations $cytomine_dilate_iterations " + "--cytomine_athreshold_blocksize $cytomine_athreshold_blocksize " + "--cytomine_athreshold_constant $cytomine_athreshold_constant " + "--verbose true "
#define software parameter template
software = conn.add_software("My_algorithm", "createRabbitJobWithArgsService","ValidateAnnotation", execute_command)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_max_image_size",, "Number", 2048, True, 10, False)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_erode_iterations",, "Number", 3, True, 30, False)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_dilate_iterations",, "Number", 3, True, 40, False)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_athreshold_constant",, "Number", 5, True, 50, False)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_athreshold_blocksize",, "Number", 951, True, 60, False)

#for logging (set by server)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_software",, "Number",0, True, 400, True)
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_project",, "Number", 0, True, 500, True)
# for user-friendly drop-down menu
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_id_image",, "Domain", "", True, "", False, "/api/project/$currentProject$/imageinstance.json", "instanceFilename", "instanceFilename")
conn.add_software_parameter("cytomine_predict_term",, "Domain", "", True, "", False, "/api/project/$currentProject$/term.json", "name", "name")
#add software to a given project
addSoftwareProject = conn.add_software_project(id_project,


Execute the script to add the software to your Cytomine Core:

Code Block


You will then be able to execute your software throught the Cytomine-WebUI. In practice, Cytomine-Core and RabbitMQ will append the parameter values encoded by the end-user in Cytomine-WebUI dialog box through the command-line arguments that executes the script contained in the software_router container.

Please notice in the second screenshot the user-friendly drop-down image list for Images and the list of ontology term names):




2. Logs and debugging

It is recommended that in your software you include some communications with Cytomine-Core to give information to the end-user about the status of its running job (these status messages will be displayed in the Jobs tab in the Cytomine-WebUI). It can be done by using the update_job_status, e.g. in Python (see other examples in our Cytomine-Datamining applications):


Code Block
progress_msg = "Analyzing image %s (%d / %d )..." %(id_image,i,len(images))
job = conn.update_job_status(job, status = job.RUNNING, progress = progress, status_comment = progress_msg)

These status messages will be displayed in the Cytomine-WebUI Job tab:


However, for debugging, these status messages might not be enough. To see the full execution logs, you can enter into the software_router docker container and see the outputs of your job.


Code Block
sudo docker-enter software_router
cd /software_router/algo/   ;; code
cd /software_router/algo/logs/ 
ls -altr
root@6041e74c788b:/software_router/algo/logs# ls -altr
total 620
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 349657 Feb 10 12:15 queueSoftwareTissueDetect-10-2-2017_12-15-40-423.log
-rw-r--r--  1 root root     98 Feb 10 12:29 queueSoftwareMy_algorithm-10-2-2017_12-29-09-101.log
drwxr-xr-x 18 root root   4096 Feb 10 12:30 ..
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root   4096 Feb 10 12:30 .
-rw-r--r--  1 root root 266401 Feb 10 12:30 queueSoftwareMy_algorithm-10-2-2017_12-30-44-096.log