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Some users at the same time and some data
More users at the same time and more data
CPU8 core
64 bits 
16 core
64 bits  
Cytomine is a set of multithread servers/tools.
If you want to support more users, you need to have more core.
MEMORY816If you want to store a lot of data or if you have a lot of users,
you will need a larger amount of memory.
DiskHDD 100GO

HDD with more than 2TO

On average, 1 image = 1GO and data for 1 image = 50MB (annotations, activities,...).
If you plan to store 1000 images => 1To + 50GO


This does not include backup space!

20G for the Cytomine Docker installation

OSUbuntu / Debian/ CentOSUbuntu / Debian/ CentOSDocker needs to be installed
Port 80 needs to be opened (by default, it's open) 
You need to have root (sudo) access to the server. 
DNS 1 domain