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Cannot compile Docker images

It's possible than some image compilations failed because they can't pass through your proxy.

You will need to pass the proxy in each build command into the script by adding build-arg arguments.

Example : 

sudo docker build -t="cytomine/base" .

sudo docker build --build-arg https_proxy=$PROXY --build-arg http_proxy=$PROXY --build-arg HTTP_PROXY=$PROXY --build-arg HTTPS_PROXY=$PROXY -t="cytomine/base" .
where $PROXY is your proxy (example : )

Then, we need to change the run commands into the script by adding e arguments.


sudo docker run -i -t --entrypoint=/bin/bash cytomine/core

sudo docker run -i -t -e http_proxy=$PROXY -e https_proxy=$PROXY -e HTTP_PROXY=$PROXY -e HTTPS_PROXY=$PROXY --entrypoint=/bin/bash cytomine/core
where $PROXY is your proxy (example : )

No route to host

Log :

Caught: 0 No route to host
0 No route to host
        at be.cytomine.client.Cytomine.fetchModel(

Problem : The containers cannot communicate with each other or with the host machine.

Detection : Once the container have been deployed, run sudo docker exec -it core /bin/bash

Then, install nmap : apt-get install nmap

Then check if the host is reachable : nmap

If the port 80 is not marked as "open", it is a problem.

Solution : Open the port 80 of the host machine (on CentOS : firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=80/tcp --permanent ). 


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