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Use by: Cytomine core

PostgreSQL is a relationnal database used to store most of the information in Cytomine.
We use the Postgis Geospatial extension to store Annotation (Geometry) and ROI.
It stores almost all of Cytomine core packages: project, annotation, ontology, software execution, ...


Use by: Cytomine core

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database.
Most of the Activity data are store in MongoDB.
Each user position, each user connection,... 

File system

Use by IMS, Cytomine

Images in Cytomine are store on a file system, not in the database.
Cytomine may store software data (when a job upload a big file as result) in disk too. 


Use by Retrieval

Redis is fast Key-value store in Memory database. The retrieval use this system to store retrieval indexes.


Use by IIP

Memcached is a cache database used by IIP to store its image cache.

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