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Package summary

A property is a key-value for a Cytomine domain instance. 

Package main classes


DomainDescriptionMain properties

A key-value for a domain instance

String key
String value
Long domainIndent
String domainClassName 

The domainIndent is the domain id and domainClassName is the full class path (ex: "be.cytomine.image.ImageInstance").

Package description

Initially, a property should have been only added to a Project, an ImageInstance or an Annotation (User, Algo, Reviewed).
Now its a real generic key-value for every domain type.

There are some specific use case:

  • Image properties (ex: width, height,...) are stored in Property,
  • Key @CUSTOM_UI_PROJECT is used to store custom UI info for a project,
  • Key $TAGS key is used to store tags (value without key)
  • ...




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