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Package summary

An ontology is a list of term. Each term may be linked to another term with a special relation (parent, synonym,...). A term may be add to an annotation.

Package main classes


DomainDescriptionMain properties


A list of term

String name
User user  


A word from the ontology. The color attribute is used to draw annotation background.String name
String color


A link type between two term (e.g. T1 is PARENT of T2)String name


A relation between two termsRelation relation
Term term1
Term term2

AnnotationTerm, AlgoAnnotationTerm, ...

A relation between a term and an annotation

Annotation annotation
Term term


A project is a workspace. It may only have 1 ontology.

String name
Ontology ontology

Package description

Each project needs to be link with one Ontology as it is created. So the ontology must be created before the project creation and cannot be changed. For the moment, we only support relation PARENT between terms. In the ontology tree (explore view), a parent will be a node and its children will be leaves. When drawing annotations, its possible to add 1 or multiple terms.  



Domain used when a user add a term to a user annotation.

Term term
UserAnnotation annotation
User user


Domain used when a software (job) add a term to a user annotation or an algo annotation.

Term term
Long annotationIdent
Long annotationClassName
SecUser user


When a user review an annotation, he needs to keep the correct terms. Unlike User/AlgoAnnotation, terms are added inside the domain in the property terms.

Geometry location
List<Term> terms (hasMany)  




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