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Package summary

The image package is one of the main Cytomine package. The AbstractImage domain is an image file on the disk. 
You can add this image to 0 or n projects. This will create each time a ImageInstance domain.
AbstractImage are store in a Storage, a virtual space usefull for image right management.
We can use different ImageServer depending on the image type (Mime).
An ImageServer (IMS) provides images functionallities: get tiles, image thumbs, merge layers,...

Package main classes


DomainDescriptionMain properties

An image on the disk

The originalFilename is the name should be print in (web) client. It can be a "pretty" name
The filename is the real file on the fisk

String filename
String originalFilename 
ImageInstanceAn AbstractImage in a project. Most of the image data (annotations,...) are link to the ImageInstance.
So if 1 image is in 2 projects, annotations are only visible in the good project.

AbstractImage img
Project project 

StorageA virtual directory to store image. A user upload an image in a storage.String name
ImageServerAn IMS server. IMS is the Cytomine part for image operations (like retrieving tiles, perform image operation,...)String url
MimeAn image type. Previously, we had differents IMS for differents Mime types. Now we tend to keep 1 IMS type supporting all the image type.String ext


Package description


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