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Guide for new developers

1. Cytomine core


  • Java basic knoweledge
  • Basic knoweledge of web technologies like HTTP, Rest API, JSON, AJAX,... (if not the case, read this little introduction to HTTP/Rest or Google it)


If not yet done, install Groovy. Play with this language and read the non-exhaustive Groovy functionnalities list used in Cytomine source code

You can create a file "test.groovy" with:

println "Hello world!"

And run this with:

groovy test.groovy


A good way to start learning Grails is to create a new Grails app. You can quickly read the book "The Definitive Guide to Grails 2" (free inside ULg network) or the Grails official web documentation.
In both case, skip the "Grails view" (gsp) chapter/section.

You can try to add a new resource on Cytomine using this guide. This guide assume that you have a basic knowledge of Grails components.
You will learn how to add:

  • domains
  • urlmappings
  • controllers
  • services
  • tests

inside Cytomine core application.

2. Cytomine web app


  • Javascript basic knoweledge


This document explains how to add a new resource in the web client with Backbone.js.

3. Cytomine client


  • Java OR Python knoweledge

Java client

The client is a simple library that provides methods to manage data in Cytomine. 
You can do something like: cytomine.addProject("MyNewProject") and it will map the data, perform the HTTP request, parse the response, check the status code,...
See this guide for the Java client.

Python client

Same as Java client.
See this guide for the Python client.

4. Cytomine IMS

See the Cytomine core. IMS is written in Groovy with Grails too.



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