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Welcome to the developement documentation space!

This section is dedicated to software developers who want to understand the Cytomine architecture and contribute to its components (database, image server, web services, ...) while the computer/data scientists section is dedicated to people who wants to import/export data and add new algorithms.

You will find here instructions about the software architecture, the development tools, coding rules, ...

If you are new...

As a new Cytomine developer:

  1. Get familiar with the general concepts of the main technologies used in Cytomine (Java, Groovy, Grails, PostgreSQL, Github, JS, Backbones.js ...), see the resources page,
  2. Take a look at the Global Architecture documentation to understand main Cytomine components and paradigms,
  3. Follow the basic steps to install a development environment and read about our recommended development tools and development guides.
  4. A quick look a the Main concepts/Packages may help you to have an overall view of the server source code (main ressources/domains, ...),
  5. You may then try to add a new resource type/concept in Cytomine core !

When you are ready to develop, you should take a look at:



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