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This page has been created for software/algorithms developers who have developed a specific algorithm (image analysis, data mining, ...) or script (e.g. in Java or Python).

These softwares can be linked to Cytomine by various means.

First, they can simply be executed through command lines (e.g. from a remote computer) and their parameter values can be saved to Cytomine-core database for reproducibility. To do this, you have to read our [HOWTO] How to add a new software (basic principles)

Softwares can also be executed through the "Job" panel in Cytomine-WebUI provided that Cytomine-Core is aware of their location and parameters (this rely on a message broker). For this, you have to read our [DEPRECATED] Guide: Adding a new software (and make it executable from Cytomine-WebUI).

Finally, your software can easily be applied by an end-user (without even knowing the software parameter values) on specific regions of interest of an image through the JobTemplate panel in the Cytomine-WebUI "Explore" image view. For this, you have to read our page on [HOWTO] How to add a shortcut for a software (JobTemplate).





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